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Becoming a global voice for change demands an omni-channel media platform and this is where our agency is uniquely qualified to help the right brands evolve worldwide.

  • International Expansion

  • TV Show Development and Syndication Representation

  • Film Opportunities

  • Mass Media and Radio Interviews

  • Celebrity Connections

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Media Platform Representation

  • Cause Marketing

  • Joint Ventures

  • Live Events

  • Product Licensing

  • Business Expansion​

TGC provides celebrities, influencers, CEOs, investors, and platform author/speakers access to our 'golden rolodex' and experienced representation in brand evolution.

Work with Us.

TGC takes pride in being able to connect the dots of your brand evolution faster than anyone; connecting you with people and opportunities that can make your 'impossible' a reality.


TCG has decades of experience in mass media expansion. Whether you need access to a celebrity to evolve a portion of your platform, are looking for ways to create meaningful products from your platform, or to transition from media platform to another, we can help.

We've Helped Our Clients:

  • Secure major movie deals from their books

  • Secure major Hollywood celebrities as endorsers, speakers, and even joint venture partners

  • Create incredible live events without rival

  • Negotiate 6-7 figure media sponsorship deals

  • Negotiate international distribution of their books and programs

  • Produce impactful documentaries

  • Transform the success they have in one media platform into equal success in a competitive platform

  • Launch highly successful podcasts

  • Secure third-party awards and endorsements that increase their authority and credibility

  • Become New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors

  • Conceptualize and create cause marketing and charities connected to their business

  • And more...

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