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Planning Day

Looking to reach new customers and capture new markets with your book? We can set you up for success.

Before you launch a book, we should talk about the opportunities your book may be missing.

Launching a book is a direct reflection of your brand. The book cover, the content, how it is marketed, the media attention, and the availability of the book in the right retail locations are just some of the considerations when launching a book.


Unifying and amplifying your business voice, your PR, your websites, landing pages, lead nurturing systems, newsletters, TV and Radio presence and more are also required.


From a 30,000-foot view, we identify the gaps, flaws, and holes in both the branding of the book and the associated revenue streams while identifying unique traits and offerings that allow the book to stand out in the crowded marketplace.


We work with you from the top down to see every aspect of your campaign objectives and connect them together in ways you’ve never thought of before.


In our signature Strategic Author Workshop, we deliver one day’s worth of omni-channel author platform planning and introduce you to an overarching marketing strategy, timeline, execution plan, and budget for you and your team, and your publisher to implement.


During the Planning Day, YOU can choose to focus on any combination of elements:

Your Planning Day Includes:

  • ​Bestseller Campaign Launch Plan

  • Publisher & Retailer Support Plan

  • Pre-Sell Options Document

  • Media Target List

  • Network Activation Plan

  • Book Branding Media Topics

  • Visual Book Branding Recommendations

  • Book Marketing Assets in a Dropbox

  • Book Landing Page Wireframe

  • Launch Checklist for your Book Team 

  • Additive Book Promotion Reccomendations

By the end, we'll have created both a comprehensive plan as well as a tactical roadmap for implementation on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

After a Strategic Author Workshop our clients have gone on to hit multiple bestseller lists, sell thousands of books, and have been invited to speak on some of the largest stages in the world.

We meet with you and your marketing team in a brainstorming sessions to formulate a long-term strategy in the creation of your branded business, authority marketing position, product category, retail strategy, bestseller strategy, and any other related-business marketing initiatives.

Marketing Plan.
We work with you to create a master marketing plan to net the highest return from your resources and networks. This marketing plan is custom tailored to sell more books and connect the book to bigger media opportunities.

Online Sales Funnel.
We work with you to create a digital marketing support plan that grows your social media following giving you higher chances at qualifying for the bestseller lists and pre-selling books.

Insider PR/Media Strategy.
We work with you to create a unique media strategy for qualifying for free media, PR appearances, and how  best to implement paid media in a way that maximizes exposure and book sales.

Retail Enhancement.
We work with you to identify retail partnerships and opportunities for your business and book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Hudson Booksellers, and more than 100 independents.


Review of Financial Modeling.
We work with you to ensure all financial metrics are in place to track and determine ROI for all campaign activities. 

Relationship Capital Options.
We work with you to uncover, organize, and create individualized strategies for approaching your networks and utilizing valuable relationship capital to accomplish campaign goals, pre-sell more books, and secure more publicity.

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