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Stand Out.

Fact: Authors, not publishers, are responsible for a successful book launch.

Launching a Book for Maximum Impact Does Not Happen With Traditional Marketing Companies -

You Need Book Industry Expertise.

Whether your book is being published by a huge traditional imprint, a hybrid publishing group, or you are going the self-publishing route, the success of your book launch and future sales is on you - the author. Your publisher will only promote your book to a certain level. And traditional marketing teams don't understand how the book world works. We've become world experts on getting books massive attention. We have a proven process that puts our clients on bestseller lists, in stores, in the media spotlight, and better set-up for their next book release.


We’ve developed an approach that results in professional, stand-out book launches which build trust. Being focused on omni-channel media, we make sure the identity of the book is optimized in the online and offline environment and is visually consistent across all mediums.


90-Day Book Launch Campaign

As your brand managers, our role is to create synergy between all book-related initiatives, including supplementing your publisher’s marketing efforts and coordinating the release of the title. Our branding team works with your team on unifying all messaging, the look/feel of your online presence, creating opportunities around the book/business, and coordinating PR efforts. We are very hands-on and our writers, designers, photographers, social media strategists, and media experts are at your disposal. We become your extended team in making sure that best practices are followed regardless of country or retail channel. Moreover, our job is to make sure that your book, brand, and business stay connected regardless of continent, platform, or medium.

Before the book's release, we create a strategy that gives you the highest chances of qualifying for the prestigious bestseller lists (NYT, WSJ, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly). This requires us to coordinate with your publisher, set-up pre-sale activity, monitor the rankings, execute specific media activities, and insure there are book sales through specific retail outlets.

During pre-launch, we work with you and your team to pre-sell the book by optimizing your online book distribution platform, executing a proven social media strategy, and securing media exposure around the book itself on podcasts and online articles. We also insure that all the mechanics around the book are functioning properly, including Amazon listings, international ordering capabilities, keywords, and descriptions populated on non-publisher monitored sites. We also make sure your book has a branded feel across all areas consumers come across it.

When launch week arrives, we execute the pre-sell strategy that virtually guarantees you hit Amazon Bestseller status in multiple categories over multiple weeks so your book trends in the news. We continue to push out relevant social media content, press releases, and media pushes to take advantage of the early excitement over the book. During launch week, we release between 80-100 pieces of content surrounding your book. One of the biggest activities during this week is the online reviews we secure for your title and get posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and other retailers – reviews sell books.

During the post-launch period, we focus on securing larger PR events, continued book sales, and growing social media engagement as well as connecting all the opportunities that pop up from the book release. In addition, we negotiate with airport bookstores and other retailers to carry the title in their premium locations.

Book Placement
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