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We Know Books.

We're experienced publishing professionals with a unique background that helps thought leaders become distinguished authors.

  • Book Proposals

  • Series and Imprint Management

  • Book Marketing

  • Book Cover Design

  • Book Interior Design

  • Ghostwriting

  • Self-Publishing

  • Hybrid Publishing

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Film & Television Rights

  • Editorial Services

  • Agent and Contract Negotiation

  • Book Sales

  • Bestseller Campaigns

  • International Expansion

  • Audiobook Production

TGC provides authors and publishers with the guidance they need to create market-ready, professionally-designed books that sell and get acclaimed through strategic branding and marketing platforms. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to editorial, design, or marketing. We believe every book, and every author, is unique and every program we offer is individually-tailored to meet an author’s specific goals.

Work with Us.

TGC takes pride in being professional, creative, and attentive to every step of the publishing process. Whether you’re looking for full-service assistance for your book or publishing program, or just need a little help along the way, our dedicated team of publishing experts is here to help you make your book a success.


TCG has decades of experience in providing publishers and small presses with the guidance necessary to market for the long-term. We’re committed to helping our clients develop the best publishing and marketing strategies to give a book its best chance of finding its audience.

Our Clients Can Expect:

  • We’ll work tirelessly on your behalf.

  • We’ll represent you, your book, and ourselves in a professional, honest, and courteous, manner.

  • We’ll work with professional designers and editors with years of industry experience.

  • Our advice and feedback is based on market trends and the latest news from the publishing industry. 

  • We only take on projects which we believe we can market successfully.

  • Our marketing programs increase consumer awareness and garner reader attention.

  • If we can’t help you, we’ll let you know up front and try to point you in the direction of someone who can.

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