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Omni-Channel Media.

It's about story audiences

crave them. It's about

amplification so they hear

you. It's about connection

the WHY they act. 

What Does It Mean for My Brand to Be Omni-Channel?

At TGC, we are media agnostic; we believe in results over channels. We focus on personal brands that have a message worthy of mass media attention and that has the business authority to create consumer engagement by productizing their platform at scale.


Simply put, we look for visionaries, thought leaders, changemakers, influencers, and innovators who can share their message in any platform from Facebook to live stages to live TV, in sixty seconds or three hours, in person or remotely. 


Documentaries can be used to help sell books, build platforms, and create communities - we help connect great stories in this format. We can assist on everything from scripting, talent casting, production, and promotion


We currently have clients whose life stories have been pitched and sold into major Hollywood pictures. We can help you adapt your book or screenplay and get it into the hands of some of the biggest producers in Hollywood. 


Our team will help you adapt a TV show pitch, represent you, and connect you with the people producing the biggest shows of today. 


We will help you dream up, construct, execute, and connect you with the right celebrity speakers for your dream event. 


With our golden Rolodex, we can connect you with the key players you're looking for on your next project. 



Whether it be on your podcast, TV show, writing the foreword of your book, or speaking at your next event, we will help you find who you need to achieve your audacious goals. 


TGC has a signature brand evolution workshop that becomes the catalyst for brands that matter to jump into omni-channel media and be successful.

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