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Case Studies.

Without revealing trade secrets or breaking NDAs, below are real case studies of how TGC Worldwide helps personal brands do the impossible.

Case Study 1

Initial Client Status:

One of Vietnam's most successful beverage companies wanted to use their business story to create a bridge for international business coming into Vietnam. One of the company’s key members is a Millennial woman who was looking to use her personal platform to lead this growth. She needed to become a personal brand and known in the United States in order to start the brand expansion. 

Actions/ Results:

The emerging brand started with a book that she had already written and was less than three months from being released in the U.S. We started with a Strategic Branding Workshop where we created the strategic plan for how to link the book to her business and then to U.S. thought leadership opportunities. This required an intensive brand concept, website build-out, and social media content development and media strategy. We worked with PR teams in five countries to execute a global book tour that started in the U.S. In addition, we conducted a two-day custom photo session to create an image library that worked in multiple markets, not just Vietnam. Her book hit bestseller lists during launch week and sold 5,000 copies just in the first month. She appeared as a keynote speaker at Harvard University and was asked to join multiple business boards as people became familiar with how to do business with Vietnam. Big brands reached out to her seeking collaboration.

Case Study 3
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